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Our Strategy

Delong envisions itself as a large-scale steel company in three to five years' time, enhancing value for its shareholders and contributing strategically to China's economic landscape. To achieve this, it is embarking upon a set of strategies that include:

Achieving sustained management and operational excellence, thereby lowering business costs

Delong is constantly seeking to adopt progressive management methodologies, optimise resource allocation and improve technical capabilities - so as to attain higher efficiencies at lower costs and increase edge within a highly competitive industry.

Forge close partnerships with up- and downstream companies within industry

Through building strong ties with up- and downstream companies within the industry, Delong can forge an integrated, seamless industry chain that will provide a cushioning effect against risks in raw material and transportation price hikes or shortages. This will also promote efficiencies of operations and scale.

Seize opportunities to acquire steelmaking and related companies with growth potential

On the foundation of sustained growth presented in the Chinese steel industry in recent years, Delong has capitalised on the development opportunities offered through both a globalised economy, as well as an increasingly consolidated Chinese steel industry. Currently, Delong is forging close working relationships with international investment banks and asset managers, so as to gain access to capital more effectively. Through strategic alliances, mergers, acquisitions and partnerships, Delong is exploring investment opportunities in steelmaking and related companies in both China as well as its neighbouring countries, so as to achieve expansion beyond organic growth.

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